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Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4


Today, rather than speaking the form of government that I'll be working for, I challenge everybody to do their part in the crusade

We all know that we are entering in a new year for our chapter wherein we must lay down the real foundation that we set forth. I know that Escudo upholds the high ideals of the Order of DeMolay within its rank in order to carry the legacy of friendship among brethren.

This occasion marks more than just an Installation of Officers but this is also the day to rekindle the ties that binds us together. It is still fresh in my memory when I first knelt before the altar of the Order which I was entrusted to take hold upon my heart the seven glorious precepts of our Order.

But as years gone by, I observed so many things had changed, hearts had change, minds had change, concepts had change and we even forget what we have learned from the Order.

When these seven glorious precepts may not be the most coveted standard upon which to base ones life; when trust, justice and brotherhood may not be considered the most virtuous of qualities. And if we as DeMolays do not stand unswervingly in defense of the teachings of our Order, if we do not seek to perpetuate them in our daily lives, then perhaps these flames will be extinguished, muted in the shadows and darkness shall inherit the land.

The road had been built for us it is therefore competent upon us to build a road for the others. We have learned so many thing from the Order. But the question is, are we really applying them?

The challenge is now upon our very hands and it depends on how we take it. We all know that we are facing a lot of problems right now, one of which is the Zanzibar issue that divides us into two and as of now we are in a period of healing. In lieu of this let us empty ourselves of our prejudices. Let us start once more, now is the time for us to apply what we have learned from the Order, it is but proper for us to stand for change in all aspects of life.

If no one would stand and start changing things then we can change nothing. Today is the proper time and not tomorrow or any other day for us to show to the world that we are DeMolays who aim to change and stand to change not only in words but in deeds.

Brethren join me in this challenge. Its easy for me to say I can do it but without you Im nothing. If all of us stand and work for it, we can do much more than better. I know that as a DeMolay you hold within your heart a flame, a beacon to guide you through the darkness. If you can make this light shine upon another, if you can reach into the innermost depths of his soul and set his flame afire, then therein lies the purpose of the Order of DeMolay, and therein lies your very purpose for living.

When you reach the evening years of your life you may be able to look back the long and happy journey that you are once a part of the laying of the foundation that challenge the humanity and the whole organization and there you can say to yourself that I am proud not only as a DeMolay but as an Escudo member as well.