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Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4
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We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have lots of great memories of hanging out with your DeMolay Brothers? If you are a Senior DeMolay and looking for a way to stay in touch with those friends, then come join us and be a part of the Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR. To best meet the needs of our members, we meet every first Friday of the month at 8:00 in the evening at KALAN sa DIAN, Dian St., Makati City.

Do you have any comments or questions on our organization? An announcement or posting for our Bulletin Board? Please feel free to contact us.

You can email us your comments and suggestion at:


Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Under the Jurisdiction of the
Philippine Supreme Council Order of DeMolay 
Philipine DeMolay Youth Center 
1440 San Marcelino St., Ermita
1000 Manila, Philippines

Or you can give us a call at (0632)523-0085 and look for Bro. Jovy Magbanua.

How to become a Member?

Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR is open for membership to all Senior DeMolays who are currently members of Demolay Alumni Association of the Philippines after fulfilling and completing the requirements asked for in the Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR application form.

Application Form must contain the following:

I. Personal information.
II. Proof of membership in DAAP.
III. Certification of Attendance in 3 consecutive stated meetings or activities.
IV. Proof of payment of membership fee and at least 3 months of monthly dues.


eligible for holding office.
eligible for electing officers.

Physically unable to attend meetings but continuously sending in his monthly dues and contributions.
Must be applied for in writing to the membership committee stating his reason, contact numbers, and address.
Can not hold office nor elect officers.

Any member who has incurred 12 consecutive months of absence from stated Escudo meetings or activities.
Any member who has incurred 12 months of unpaid dues.
Can not hold office nor elect officers.

Conferred by the body after a votation in a stated meeting to an individual for exemplary service to the Chapter and the community as a whole.
Conferred bye President to any individual he deems deserving of the honor.
Can not hold office nor elect officers.

Reinstatement Procedure (for inactive status only):

Pay 1 year of previous dues.
Attendance in 3 consecutive stated meetings.

Membership fee 250.00 pesos.
Dues 50.00 per month or 500.00 per year (discounted one time payment)