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Welcome to our web site.

Our web site is a great way to gather all the brethren from different chapters, keep members informed, and attract a broader audience by introducing ourselves to the community. We'll use this site to inform people about our organization, share ideas, and organize events and activities.


About a hundred miles from Tucson, Arizona, a lonely prospector has lighted each night a lantern atop a long pole to guide those who might go astray upon the desert waste. No one has asked him to this service these many years, but undoubtedly a sense of duty for his fellows, has made him do his bit in this wasteland.

If your DeMolay chapter lights its beacon upon a hilltop to aid those who might come within the beneficence of its rays, for the purpose only of pleasure or personal gain, then you and your chapter have failed to catch the vision of real service. If your group is not adding intellectual force to the individual as well as to the community, then your structure is builded on sand and the foundation will surely crumble.

If DeMolay is merely a lodge in your community, a miniature dancing academy or a place where only fun abounds, then you and your colleagues have failed to catch the vision. The beacon lights of DeMolay upon a thousand hilltops throughout this nation must lead young men to higher ideals and greater service to their fellows that they may be worthy of a priceless heritage.

I hope that you have that vision. The Order of DeMolay is not a lodge nor is it a fraternity, except by way of a confederated youth. It is not an asylum for the mental defective, a reformatory, or the drawing room of a nation. It is a semi-educational and benevolent society striving to arouse into action the future leaders of the world.

This Movement has enjoyed the blessings of Divine Providence: it has developed in a period of a few years from a few boys into the third largest youth movement in the world. I am not fanatically religious but i can say that Divine Power has manifested itself so often in the molding of this Movement, that I come to the realization that God is performing His miracles today among men and institutions as He did centuries ago.

We who are entrusted with this duty, and he who wears the emblem of this society, must become profoundly aware of the nearness of Him who brings to successful conclusion, our duties, our tasks, and our happiness. God is the keystone of our structure and in Him is all power to aid us as an institution or as an individual.

DeMolay now is in the laboratory; it is being tried by test tube and standard, to discover its weaknesses and to fortify its strength, Every DeMolay, every chapter, and every man, who has the interest of this organization at heart, must show by his actions and by his leadership of others, that the Order of DeMolay is truly a brotherhood of exceptional service. Are you doing your part in the crusade?

These are the words of Frank S. Land spoken over 60 years ago. They are as appropriate now as they were then.



The Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR provided Senior DeMolays with an opportunity to remain involved with DeMolay. It also extends the bonds of fraternalism throughout their lifetimes.

Membership in the Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR is open to any Senior DeMolays who believes in the future of DeMolay. Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR assist chapters and reinforce the concept that membership in DeMolay is a lifetime opportunity.

Now more than ever, the Order of DeMolay depends on the support and leadership of alumni. As the Order faces the challenges of the future, the leadership of Senior DeMolays will become increasingly important.

The Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR has become the vehicle for alumni involvement and leadership for over 100 life members. As one of the official organization of Senior DeMolays, Escudo DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR offers a special way to lend support to the mission, purpose, and principles of the Order of DeMolay.

DeMolay has made a significant impact on the lives of thousands of young men, and in turn, they have responded by significantly adding to our quality of life through their professional and career accomplishments. They have brought honor to themselves and to the Order of DeMolay.
The list of prominent Senior DeMolays includes astronauts, governors, members of Congress, generals, inventors, entertainers, ambassadors, writers, athletes, major corporation executives, businessmen, and a President of the United States.